About Us.

I am from Kolkata, India and moved to Cornwall, UK in 2016 following my husband who had come here to work as a doctor. While I was preparing for accountancy exams, I organized my housewarming party where I cooked for and entertained my daughter’s classmates and their families. Amazed by my lovely cooking, Kate a mum of my daughter’s friend and a cancer survivor suggested that I should consider starting a small food business and this was seconded by other mums as well. The idea of Sharmi’s Kitchen was henceforth born.

Family Support

My late father was a lover of good Bengali cuisine and so is my husband, who encouraged and inspired me to embark upon my business journey. My husband’s grandmother, still living in her 90s used to be a cook par excellence and she taught me to cook exotic dishes and products and I currently sell some items which are a testimony to this

 Role of outset cornwall

I enrolled with Outset Cornwall, an EU funded organisation aiding business start-ups and they helped me tremendously in giving shape to my venture. I received support with advice logistics of setting up a business and extensive publicity to make my face familiar to people of Cornwall.


I got in touch with Cornish Farmer’s Market Association and started putting my food stall every week in Truro, Falmouth and Camborne, key towns in Cornwall. Very soon my customer base grew and within 6 months, the brand of Sharmi’s Kitchen was well established.


Outset Cornwall promoted my business extensively and my life sized photo adorned bus shelters in Truro and surrounding towns. My photo and story can be found in their website as well. I was also featured in Primary Times Cornwall magazine. Hosting weekly market stalls, pop up nights in a prominent art gallery in Penzance, Truro Girls School and running a stall on Christmasshopping nights have given me prominence, confidence and success. Most importantly I have excellent reviews of my food from customers and colleagues.



Presently I put up an Indian food in Hemel Hempsted and Telegraph Hill Market, London on Saturdays. I also cater to birthday and family parties and Indian festivals.

“Kitchen is my paradise, flavours and foods were always of interest to me, but it was how those things brought friends and family together to celebrate not only the special occasions but also everyday life. It has been a blessing that I have been able to pursue a career that creates a product that brings people together."

- Sharmistha Roy

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